About Us

Experts in music, entrepreneurs at heart. Our mission to make piano performing accessible to anyone who loves music. 

Our focus is to help you achieve your goals on the piano faster than you expect. Our team is lead by  Maia Amberstone and Marcelo Amuchastegui who co-founded Intelmusic in 2005. The two of them teamed up to create an innovative academy where their teachings are completely different than the traditional neighborhood piano teacher. We invite you to learn more about our system and see what makes us different from other piano teachers in town.




Ms. Amberstone has over 35 years of experience as a performer, composer, clinician and piano instructor. Pedagogy, ear training, and music expression are fundamentals of Amberstone’s teaching, as well as fostering composition skills in her students. As a composer, her goal is to create exciting and challenging pieces that are strong teaching tools to promote a life-long love, understanding, and appreciation of music.

Meet Maia
  • 1978-1983: She attended the Instrumental Faculty of Bulgarian National Conservatory as well as holds a diploma “Concert Pianist”.
  • 1982 – 83: Part –time instructor at the Secondary School of Music “Dobrin  Petkov”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 1984 – 86: Full-time piano instructor at Higher Institute of Music Education, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 1987 – 87: Full- time piano instructor at the Secondary School of Music “Lyubomir Pipkov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 1992 –Present: Piano instructor at Children’s Creative and Performing Arts Academy (CCPAA) San Diego, California
  • Member of Music Teachers’ Association of California since 1991
  • 1994 – 2000: Piano instructor at Yamaha Music Learning Center, San Diego, California.
  • 2005 –Present: Intelmusic Piano Academy, San Diego, California.
  • 2006 Received First Prize in International Piano Competition World Piano- October 25, Atlanta, GA.

Mr. Amuchastegui is an innovative Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business. He also obtained a Master in Psychology. He has founded four companies in his career and from those businesses he developed a strong passion for cutting-edge technology as well as the latest learning techniques. His innovation mindset has lead him to create Intelmusic. Prior to starting Intelmusic he founded four other companies.

Meet Marcelo

Mr. Amuchastegui has founded the following companies:

  • Sdcom Computer Company 1985.
  • Data Recovery Laboratory in 1990.
  • Multilingual computerized translation system in1992.
  • Webmatic self design web page services in 1998.
  • Intelmusic Piano Academy in 2005