Piano Lessons Rancho Bernardo

Piano Lessons Rancho Bernardo

Intelmusic – The best Piano Lessons in Rancho Bernando!

Take a step away from the traditional way of learning the piano and explore Intelmusic’s innovative multi-sensory approach.

The traditional piano lessons tend to be mechanical and the students soon lose their interest. Intelmusic transforms the way Piano lessons are taken in Rancho Bernando by including a multi-sensory coaching component.
Intelmusic students make meaningful connections to the original musical pieces and use guided imagery techniques and rhythm-building exercises to develop strength,rhythm, and accuracy without physical impact or injury.
The Intelmusic students in Rancho Bernando develop a musical intention and sensitivity to interpret the music. The piano lessons include exciting and challenging pieces that interest the students and inculcate a deep love and appreciation for music.The Intelmusic system is based on neurolinguistic programming and self control. The system is an excellent tool for accelerated learning.
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What makes us different!

  • Weekly lessons at your convenience
  • Private piano lessons by our expert trainers
    • Solfege singing, pitch recognition, keyboard, music and rhythm reading, mental preparation, sound production awareness.
  • Opportunity to perform in our bi-annual concerts
  • Innovative learning system
    • Neurolinguistic programming, strength building games, sense activation.

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Intelmusic – Piano Lessons in Rancho Bernando!