Piano Lessons Carmel Valley

Piano Lessons Carmel Valley

Beginner Piano Lessons and Kids Piano Lessons in Carmel Valley

At Intelmusic, we design our piano lessons in a manner that our students of Carmel Valley swiftly learn the craft of piano playing.Our piano lessons go beyond the traditional keyboard playing! We incorporate new learning techniques, neurolinguistic programming, multi-sensory approach that activates all senses and strength-building games in our piano lessons.

Our lessons include –

  • Reading keyboard, music and the rhythm
  • Developing Sound technique by preparing body, hands and fingers
  • Shadow playing
  • Tactile conditioning through hands and fingers exercises
  • Understanding chords functionality



Intelmusic piano lessons would be a mix of individual sessions, “open week” group lessons and the students would get a platform to perform in our bi-annual concerts.Our piano institute at Carmel Valley aims to go beyond teaching our students the tricks and trades of playing the piano. We want our students to establish a deep and meaningful connection with music and make it an intrinsic part of their life.This system is based on the neurolinguistic programming. Click here to learn more.



We are offering piano lessons to people of all ages and skills in Carmel Valley, including kids piano lessons, beginner piano lessons, as well as for the intermediate and advance levels.

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