Piano Lessons La Jolla

Piano Lessons La Jolla

Intelmusic – a revolutionary piano institute in La Jolla is challenging the conventional methodology of learning piano.

While traditional piano lessons are taught using outdated practices Intelmusic’s piano lessons challenges conventional ways of learning how to play the piano. Intelmusic’s process begins by developing the “building blocks” which ensures the long-term success of all our students.

In our lessons, our system conditions the student to become ready to engage in the complexity of the piano performance from reading and understanding the musical text to playing a piece musically with confidence and remarkable skill. Not to mention, our system is based on neurolinguistic programming and self-control. Click here to learn more! The interested students in La Jolla can avail complimentary piano lessons  SIGN UP NOW!

Intelmusic – Expert Piano Lessons in La Jolla!

Our unique offerings include:

  • Convenient and flexible weekly lessons.
  • 50+ years collective teaching experience.
  • The Opportunity to perform in our twice-an-year concerts.
  • Multi-sensory learning techniques.

Last but not least, our unique teaching methodology leverages all the senses while learning piano. The students not only learn to read the keyboard and music sheets but also establish meaningful connections with the classics. The Intelmusic piano Institute offers accelerated learning techniques and an imaginative approach to playing the piano. Sign up today