Our Lessons

Taught by experienced musicians, Intelmusic’s lessons will lead you to a step by step pleasurable experience of piano performing.

A combination of individual private lessons, “open week” group lessons (in preparation for the concerts) and participation in two concerts a year is recommended as part of Intelmusic academy’s educational system. We offer lessons for children as well as adult students for all levels.





Weekly Lessons at your Convience

We believe in the idea that practice makes perfect. We have weekly lessons for all our students, and are now open in two locations.

One on One Lessons by Experts

Our teachers have been teaching for combined over 50 years. We have one on one lessons with our students to provide them the attention they deserve.

Opportunity to Perform

Every six months, we have music concerts for all our students. We provide the opportunity for our students to perform in front of an audience to showcase what they learned.

Innovative Learning System

We created an innovative system that uses new learning techniques, neurolinguistic programming, strength building games and activation of the human senses. To learn more about our system click here.


Our lessons are designed to empower our students to learn the art and craft of piano playing simultaneously and comprehensively. 

All our activities are interconnected and the steps are in very small approximations. Only easily achievable for every individual student steps are introduced through a multi-sensory approach.

Our system is conditioning the student to become ready to engage in the complexity of the piano performance from reading and understanding the musical text to playing a piece musically with confidence and remarkable skill.

Our instructors-coaches are monitoring closely the processes and leading the student step by step to a pleasurable experience of piano performing.

During the private lessons every student is exposed to:

–       Solfege singing (building the musicality)

–       Pitch recognition

–       Tonality sense development

–       Understanding of the functionality of the chords

–       Keyboard reading

–       Music reading

–       Rhythm reading

–       Mental preparation

–       Sound production awareness

–       Active self control during the learning process.

–       Building a sound imagination

–       Body hand and fingers preparation (building a sound technique)

–       Rhythmic organization of the movements (shadow playing )

–       Tactile conditioning (through hand and finger exercises)